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Where the Farm Meets the Forest

This small family garden was established for the purpose of growing pure food. We set out to grow our own food that is nutrient dense as well as pesticide and herbicide free. We practice methods that are environmentally friendly, reduce water, and replenish the earth with nitrogen rich nutrients that feed
the trees and flowering plants, which in turn house and feed the local wildlife. The use of local native plants and hedgerows around the garden attract lizards, beneficial insects and birds, all of whom help control pest insects.

Another reason for having a farm or a garden is for resiliency and self-preservation. Now more than ever food security is on everyone’s mind and buying locally grown, fresh produce is one of the best ways to promote a sustainable community. Our contribution to promote a sustainable community via the Farm-to-Table movement is to provide same day delivery of our freshly harvested produce.

Our specialty is lettuce, green leafy vegetables, and tomatoes which we have been able to grow nearly year round in a green house. We start with heirloom or non-GMO seeds and have selected varieties that are moderately heat tolerant to withstand our hot, dry summers.

Our educational journey for pure food and a more resilient way of life lead us to cross paths with another more resilient, natural food expert of the forest. This new partnership was born from our
shared passions for unique pure foods, continuing education, and a love for the natural balance of the environment. This is where the farm meets the forest and the opportunity for you to experience some truly unique, high quality, fresh and pure, natural food. Come join our community!

“It’s difficult to think anything but pleasant thoughts while eating a homegrown tomato.”

Lewis Grizzard

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